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Lutterworth College

The Wellbeing Group

Recently a group of students recognised the need to raise awareness about positive mental health.

They successfully fundraised with the intention to create a space where students could take time out gather their thoughts and relax.

Since then we have created a group of students who are taking on the role of Wellbeing Coaches. These students have decorated and resourced a Wellbeing Room with furnishings, books, music and crafts.

They have had training on how to coach peers effectively and are manning the room themselves during study lessons, breaks and lunchtimes. This will then mean support is on hand throughout the day. Lutterworth College and its students recognise that stress and anxiety can impact young people on many levels from relationships through to learning and we are keen to ensure students are given the opportunity to thrive.

The room will make a positive impact on those needing the support but also on those leading the initiative and we are proud of all they have achieved so far and are excited about the future. Mrs Wrighton & Mrs Brown

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