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 We currently offer sociology at GCSE and A level. We have a very experienced team who have experience of marking at GCSE and A level.  In addition, Mrs Fitzgerald delivers courses for an exam board for A level Sociology.

 Key Stage 4

The GCSE specification is changing in 2017. Our current exam board is OCR.

 The new specification is still in draft form but we know that the following core areas will be covered:


  1. Families – this will include: the function of the family, different family types and how families have changed over time.
  2. Education – this will include: the function of education and factors that affect attainment e.g. gender.
  3. Crime and deviance – this will include: the usefulness of official statistics, explanations of crime and deviance and methods of social control.
  4. Social stratification – this will include: factors affecting life chances, poverty and different forms of power.
  5. Sociological research methods – this will include: different research methods such as questionnaires, different types of data and ethical issues.

 Families and crime and deviance are currently taught.

Course Title:Sociology
Exam Board: OCR specification 
Outcome: GCSE Sociology
Course Contact: Mrs. Fitzgerald and Mrs. Kang

  Key Stage 5

At A level we offer the AQA specification. There are two compulsory units:


Crime and deviance

 This enables students to build on the knowledge they acquire at GCSE. However, we must stress that it is not necessary to study sociology at GCSE in order to choose it as an A level.

 There are two optional units available and we select this on the basis of staff expertise. They can include: family, culture and identity, global sociology and beliefs in society.

 We believe that sociology enables students to understand contemporary issues and complements a range of other subjects such as: History, Media Studies and English language/literature.

 We encourage students to keep up to date with current affairs and we have a presence on social media that enable us to direct students to relevant stories.


Course Title:Sociology
Exam Board:AQA specification 
Outcome: A Level Sociology
Course Contact: Mrs. Fitzgerald and Mrs. Kang


 Entry requirements:

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 Please note that all views expressed are our own.

 In our A level and GCSE lessons we use a range of teaching strategies in order to stimulate students interest and further their understanding.

 The picture below was taken in a Y13 sociology lesson. Students had been exploring the differences between old and new wars in global sociology. In order to check that they had understood the difference they had to produce a scene depicting each with toys provided. Other students then had to identify the features in the scene.




 Here are some examples of work that our current Y11 students have produced on the topic of Youth.