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All students will continue to receive Careers Education and Guidance within the Sixth Form, related to their post-18 decisions, whether these involve Higher Education or an alternative option such as apprenticeships or employment.  Work will involve further aspects of:


  • Self-assessment
  • Decision making
  • Opportunity awareness
  • Preparation for moving beyond Sixth Form study


In the summer term a Higher Education Evening will be held to introduce students to some of the opportunities available at university.  There will also be an Options at 18 Morning, where students will have the opportunity to attend talks of either HE or non-HE options. Regular information on Open Days is publicised through displays in the Q Zone and on the website and monthly Sixth-Informer.  


During the summer term in Year 12, time will be devoted to the drafting of personal statements in readiness for making job and university applications.  Applications to universities are made on-line via the UCAS APPLY service.


Students need to be aware that some popular degree courses (such as Law and Medicine and entry into Oxbridge) at particular universities require students to sit additional tests, which need to be organised by students themselves that wish to access these courses before the end of Year 12.


1510- A number of these popular degree courses and competitive universities have an early application deadline of 15th October. Students who may wish to apply to these universities will be identified early and will work with specialist staff to ensure they are fully prepared for their application.


Below is a link to the booklet that each Year 12 student receives on the Options at 18 Morning, which is full of useful information regarding researching and choosing courses, how to write a successful UCAS Personal Statement and how to complete their UCAS application online.


 Researching University Options

Considering where to go to university and what degree to study is not something to be done in a rush. Below are a variety of useful websites with a wealth of advice and information to guide you in making your choices in an informed way.


Student Finance and UCAS Extra / Clearing

Year 13 recently had a presentation from Vanessa Haye of De Montfort University, covering Student Finance, now that their applications have been made and they are able to apply for student loans.  They also received a presentation regarding UCAS Extra and Clearing, to ensure that they are clear on their options during the next few months, should their plans change or they do not achieve the offers/grades they require.  These presentations are attached below: