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Pathways & Careers

 Careers Education, Information and Guidance at Lutterworth College

Lutterworth College is committed to providing students with high quality and impartial careers information, advice and guidance regarding students’ pathways into potential careers.

We aim to help students make informed decisions at key times in their education, for example with option choices in Year 8 and post-16 plans in Year 11, Year 12 and 13, as they plan for university or working life.

In addition to dedicated careers input for all year groups, the school’s IAG programme includes interaction with universities and the local business community.  Year 12 students are encouraged to get involved in volunteering and extra-curricular activities to enrich their work and life experiences, ensuring that they have more to offer employers or educational institutions in the future.

Through involvement in activities such as one-to one guidance interviews, career workshops, presentations, group work and mentoring, students will learn about self-awareness, opportunity awareness and how to explore options available to them. They will learn about employability; transition skills and how to make informed decisions.

We aim to help them:

  • Recognise and develop a range of transferable skills, attitudes and abilities that will enable them to be effective in a range of occupations
  • Develop career awareness and enable them to manage their own career development
  • Manage transitions in life and understand the importance of life-long learning
  • Make informed decisions and plan their future
  • Prepare for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of working life

The Pathways Co-ordinator, Mrs Clare Scott, is fully careers-qualified and is in school Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 9.30am-2.30pm and Wednesdays 9.30am-5.00pm.  Mrs Scott is based in EL4, upstairs in the E-Learning Centre, next door to the Sixth Form Q-Zone.

Examples of support provided by the Pathways Co-ordinator:

  • Support for applying for apprenticeships/jobs
  • Help with CV writing and cover letters
  • Support for completing college applications
  • Support for making university applications
  • Advice on local education/training options

This support is provided in a variety of ways, depending on the need of the student:

  • One-to-one meetings
  • Workshops
  • Group sessions
  • Drop-ins
  • Referrals from staff
  • Over email
  •  Assemblies

To book an appointment with the Pathways Co-ordinator, students must write their name on the booking sheet outside Mrs Scott’s office.  Appointments are offered on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings between 10.05am and 11.05am.  Staff may also refer students whom they have identified as requiring a careers appointment.

Parents may also organise careers meetings with the Pathways Co-ordinator.  Please contact Mrs Scott at to arrange this directly.


New Kudos

ICT programmes and websites can provide an insight into your skills and qualities and where these may fit within the world of work.  By using simple psychometric assessment, the careers programme New Kudos asks the student a range of questions and generates personally tailored career and course suggestions.  All students have access to this site and this is well worth spending some time doing, prior to making GCSE or A Level options choices.  Please see instructions below for using New Kudos, including the licence code:

Go to

Type in Licence code ‘jobsable90’ under ‘Not signed up yet?’ and click ‘sign up’ box

Set up your own login details and begin

Or if student already has an account, enter login details


CV and Cover Letter Templates

For students requiring a CV and/or cover letter, Mrs Scott has a basic editable CV template as well as a PDF file with an example of a graduate CV and several cover letter templates to be edited to suit a student's needs.  There is also a cover letter specifically for use by students when enquiring about work experience. 

Additionally, here are two really useful webpages for understanding what makes a good CV and cover letter and having a go at creating your own CV online:

Please email if you require access to any of the template documents and/or require support with editing for your own use.


Researching University Choices

Considering where to go to university and what degree to study is not something to be done in a rush. Below are a variety of useful websites with a wealth of advice and information to guide you in making your choices in an informed way.


Entering Work/Apprenticeships

Students choosing not to go onto Higher Education are supported in terms of ensuring they are aware of the range of alternative options open to them.  Below are some excellent websites for investigating the options should you choose not to go to university. This is targeted at sixth formers who may be looking at a different option other than going to university. They advertise jobs, apprenticeships, traineeships, scholarships etc. This site works with leading Skills Funding Agency registered Training Providers and Colleges to advertise and manage Apprenticeship opportunities and training programmes. Candidates are able to quickly register their details and apply for positions in their preferred location and subject. This website is aimed at students who are hoping to find an apprenticeship and allows students to search for live vacancies in their local area.  Students should create an account and application form which can then be used to apply for vacancies. This is for students and adults of all ages to consider their career choices; it covers all careers and divides them into ‘job families’ which is a useful tool to generate related career ideas if you already have a vague idea in mind. The Yellow Pages online can be used to search for employers in different occupational areas when trying to secure work experience placements or looking for employment. A good site for looking for a variety of employment options if you are a student or leaving school. - You may be considering a gap year with a mind to heading to university at a later date, in which case there are many fantastic resources to consider, of which this is just one.


Researching Post-16 Options

Although the vast majority of our Year 11 students continue into our Sixth Form, A Level study is not the appropriate choice for everyone.  This may be due to entry requirements or simply an interest in a vocational course which is offered elsewhere. The below links will help you research your options if an alternative course appeals to you. 


Destinations of Year 11 Students: 2016 Cohort

Please find below a link to the latest information about the destinations of our students who left Year 11 in Summer 2016.  This shows settled destination information for both Lutterworth College students and students across all Leicestershire institutions.

This information is drawn from the Activity Survey produced by Prospects Services for the Department for Education and shows settled destinations for young people as of 1st November 2016.



CEIAG Activities Offered Throughout the Year

In the Autumn term, the focus for Year 13 is on completing their UCAS applications and most crucially writing a strong Personal Statement.  More information on this can be found on the Applying to University page:  

In the Spring term, Lutterworth College hosts a Careers Fair with representation from a range of local employers, accompanied by a CV Workshop for students to create a CV or improve upon a CV they already have. This event is aimed at any Year 11, 12 and 13 students with an interest in apprenticeships or alternatives to Higher or Further Education.  

Students are invited to take part in this event which allows them to liaise directly with industry contacts from a range of key occupational areas including IT, logistics, engineering, construction, sport and leisure, business, health and social care, accountancy and finance and the Forces, to investigate opportunities within the local area. 

In the Summer term the focus turns to the Year 10 students as they embark upon a Careers Education programme once a week, as part of PSHE, in preparation for their next step at post-16.  Students will complete the careers programme New Kudos; access relevant websites to understand about FE pathways open to them such as Further Education colleges, apprenticeships and will also touch upon Personal Statement writing and Higher Education, as well as creating a CV and cover letter.

Meanwhile all Year 12 students will begin to draft a UCAS Personal Statement in Mentor Time, ahead of registering with UCAS Apply in July as part of the Higher Education Morning . This event involves talks regarding Student Finance and how to write an effective Personal Statement and other useful information for them to consider as part of the process of choosing a university and course.