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Year 10 Work Experience Week, 10th-14th June 2024 


WELL DONE to all our Year 10 students out at Work Experience - you did yourselves proud! 

Here is a shout out for year 10. Well done for their continued efforts in  completing their evidence gathering for English. Fantastic effort! | By  Brynteg School | Facebook

Over 230 students were out getting their first taste of the working world, which is fabulous.

Thank you to all the parents and carers who supported with placements themselves and also a huge thank you to the numerous employers who supported with the programme - we are extremely grateful.  

We hope it's been a memorable and very enjoyable week for our students, which we were thrilled they were able to do.

Here are some photos of students at work along with some amazing employer feedback:-


"X" is getting on well. He’s been learning to use a ‘building information management’ software used to create the technical drawings for their construction projects. He’s now started to design his own house!
Everything is going great with "X", she’s working hard and getting stuck in! 
"X" is working well and has been a real help over the last few days!
"X" is doing really well! On her first day, we had a good chat with her to discuss what her interests were and so we’ve focussed her work experience on the elements she enjoys most. She has been creating mood board of images and colour combinations to create a front cover for a magazine themed around a subject of her choice.  She’s designed covers, created a masthead, written cover lines and developed feature ideas and tomorrow she will be working on an inside feature so we can show her how to flow text on a page, use images and design devices and combine colours and fonts to be most effective.  She’s been a delight to have in the office and I really hope she’s enjoyed it too. 
"X" is getting stuck in dressing mannequins as we speak.........she is really a godsend 

"X" has had a really great day and been very engaged.
"X" has had a go (or at least watched) most of the processes here and caught on really quickly. She’s an absolute delight, willing to give everything a go, and chatty and confident.  It’s been a joy to have "X" here.
"X" has spent the week with visiting clients observing me giving financial advice.  "X" had a great meeting today in Birmingham with a current pre-grad work placement intern. They talked about the role he was doing and his journey after school with A-Levels, Degree and applying for such a great position with a leading firm. He also took advantage of the lunch offered by the investment account manager at the Indian Brewery!

I just wanted to drop you an email just to say how impressed we were with "X" during his work experience with us.  His work ethic was fantastic at such a young age and he was very polite and well mannered. "X"'s confidence also definitely improved throughout the week in regards to speaking to customers. One customer was that impressed that she sent us some lovely feedback about him.  He will be an asset to any company that he works for in the future.
He had a great week. He was early every day, he listened well and had a good go at everything he was given to do. He was a pleasure to have here."
I was so proud of him and you can be too as he represented the school with a professional and engaged approach and the leaders at the event even had a whip round to gift him for his participation.
Just a quick note to say it was a pleasure to have "X" with us last week, I was very impressed with his attitude to work  and his general interest in getting his hands dirty and helping out.
I have had nothing but positive feedback from the team on "X" this week! I had a 20 min debrief with him at close of play today and he seems to have really enjoyed it.
X" has been a delight to work with.   He is the first student in about 10 years that we have took on. With "X" being a keen cyclist made it easier for us as he had a genuine interest in every aspect of the shop, from the mail-order side to the workshop.  He got on well with both my mechanic and myself. He was willing to listen and take note.  He served in the shop and spoke with confidence to customers.  He handled card transactions too. 


It was great to see those students who remained in school engaging in core lessons, completing virtual work experience and hearing from guest speakers including Wayfair & Asda. They also got stuck in with the Tyre Challenge Enterprise Day. A huge thank you to all staff who supported.