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Lutterworth College

Church of England Voluntary Controlled school

The school’s Christian vision centres around the idea of the imitation of Christ and the values that are reflected in his life. As his teaching encourages human flourishing and wisdom so pupils are encouraged to share in that world vision. The courage of Christ underpins the motto ‘Dare to be Wise’. (SIAMS 2019)

Lutterworth College is rooted in the belief that every young person, regardless of background, starting point or world view, should be supported in achieving their full potential. The school was most recently inspected under the new SIAMS framework in May 2019 and was awarded a 'Good' judgement.

In Church of England schools, where pupils and staff come from all faiths and none, Religious Studies is a highly valued academic subject that enables understanding of how religion and beliefs affect our lives.

At the heart of Religious Studies in church schools is the teaching of Christianity and pupils also learn about other faiths and world views.

The Church of England has always been concerned with education in many forms and the history of Church schools began when the National Society for the Promotion of Education was founded in 1811.

Lutterworth College as a Voluntary Controlled Church of England school is committed to its stated vision and objective of enabling every young person to learn, flourish and succeed

The ‘flourish’ aspect of the school’s vision points to the biblical roots that underpin the coherence, relevance and sustainability of the school. Every child matters and the school wants them to flourish as well as to learn and succeed. The ‘Be CHRIST’ framework and biblical narrative of The Good Samaritan flow out of this vision. The school also has its original motto which is featured on the school badge ‘Sapere Aude’ translated to ‘Dare to be wise’ which points towards the ‘learn’ and ‘succeed’ elements of the vision.

The Lutterworth College Christian Ethos is for students and staff of all faiths and world visions to help us understand that love never fails, hate never wins and that all people are important. It teaches us to be patient, compassionate and forgiving to our fellow human beings, (remembering there are times when we all fail). It teaches us to be courageous in our ambition, selfless in our success and honest in every aspect of our lives.  There are also three ‘Foundation Governors’ who are active members of local Church communities, one of whom is the Rector at Lutterworth Church.

The school’s vision flows from a deep-seated moral purpose that firmly puts the student at the heart of everything the school does. Specifically, the inclusion of the term ‘flourish’ in the school’s vision enables an explicit transposition of how students flourish within the Trust Development Plan. The current headteacher was noted in the latest OFSTED report (Nov 2017) has ‘giving highly principled leadership’ and this flows through the senior leadership team. The selection of The Good Samaritan as a Christian narrative is a work in progress but underpins conversations that leaders have with staff and students.

The Routes to Resilience framework has allowed the College to develop key phrases within the Be CHRIST vision – this is overtly implicit throughout the development of a Christian narrative – 

C – Be Courageous

H – Be Hardworking

R – Be Reflective

I – Be Inspiring

S – Be Supportive

T – Be Tenacious

 We are supported and helped by the Diocese of Leicester and local Churches to keep a healthy Christian ethos within the College.

Church schools in numbers

  • Approximately 1 million children attend Church of England schools.
  • About 15 million people alive today went to a Church of England school.
  • A quarter of primary schools and over 200 secondary schools are Church of England.
  • With 250 sponsored and over 650 converter academies, the Church is the biggest sponsor of academies in England.
  • Over 500 independent schools declare themselves to be Church of England in ethos.
  • Across the country, Church of England clergy dedicate a million hours every year to working with children and young people in schools, often providing holiday and after-school activities.
  • There are 22,500 Foundation Governors in Church schools recruited, trained and supported by dioceses.
  • Each diocese runs a Diocesan Board of Education supporting Church schools, which represents an annual investment of over £15 million.
  • There are around 2,000 VC schools, of which all but 20 like Lutterworth College, are primary schools..