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Lutterworth College

Governance of the  School


 The information below gives a brief overview of the governance related to Lutterworth College.

Structural Overview

Lutterworth College is part of a multi-academy trust (MAT), The Lutterworth Academies Trust (TLAT).

Structure of the LAT



Trust Improvement Committee 

Members of the LAT

The members are akin to the shareholders of a company.

They have ultimate control over the academy trust, with the ability to appoint some of the trustees and the right to amend the trust’s articles of association.

Directors of the Lutterworth Academies Trust

Have 3 key responsibilities.

  • Setting the strategic direction of TLAT
  • Line management of the Executive Headteacher
  • Ensuring financial proberty.

The Directors of the TLAT meet meet regularly and can delegate powers to the school committees.

The Trust Improvement Committee

The key responsibilities of the school committee are.

  • Monitor and evaluate the day to day operation of the College, with particular reference to teaching, learning and assessment and student progress.
  • Ensure that the views and opinions of all stakeholders in the college are captured, evaluated and incorporated where appropriate.

The committee is made up of:

  • Director elected governors
  • Parent governors
  • Staff governors
  • Diocesan appointed governors
  • Executive Headteacher of The LAT

The school committee meets 5 times a year, with meetings scheduled to begin at 5.30pm

Committee members should:

  • Have a genuine interest in making the College a success
  • Be prepared to contribute to the life of the school by giving freely of their skills, visiting the school to see it in action and attending events and parents’ evenings.
  • Undertake appropriate training (see below)

All committee members of the College will be expected to undertake training to enable them to fulfill their role effectively. This will include:

  • Safeguarding of young people.
  • How to interpret data. What data is available? How should the data be used?

How do I become a parent committee member of Lutterworth College?

Potential  committee members should register their interest by identifying what skills and knowledge they have which would contribute to the success of the school.

The statement should be no more than one page in length. All expressions of interest will be looked at by the committee before the most appropriate person/people are appointed.

How do I become a staff committee member of Lutterworth College?

The staff member of the school committee is elected by the staff. Members of the SLT are not eligible to stand and are not eligible to vote.

Potential staff members should produce a pen-portrait of themselves (no more than a third of a page) for staff to consider before exercising their vote.

All vacancies will be advertised on the college website

All committee members are expected to abide by Code of Practice for School Governors (see www.nga.uk for further details)