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College News 1st February 2019



In case of severe weather - school closure arrangements

With the onset of some bad weather there is always a possibility that staff will find it difficult/dangerous to get to school. If it were judged that the site was unsafe for both staff and students, then the school would be completely closed. 

In either case: 

  • A message will be placed on the school website & social media – these are the best places to check
  • A message will be relayed to Radio Leicester (which will also appear on the BBC website) 


CCTV installation

The installation of the CCTV cameras on and around site is beginning and this work should be complete by Easter 2019. We will be installing CCTVs in some classrooms that have expensive infrastructure i.e. Computer suites.  


Visitors car park entrance

This has been a constant problem to keep maintained and despite the fixes that we've put in place they haven't lasted especially where cars pass each other and churn out any substance we put in. In the Easter holidays we have plans to lay a concreted slab over the worst affected areas and hopefully this will do most of the job. We would have liked to do a more comprehensive piece of work in the whole of the visitors car park but we have to work with the finances we have available and whilst not perfect it will be far better than it is now.


New caterers

We are quite close to appointing our new caterers following a gruelling day of presentations and food tastings for students and staff alike. We are excited at this prospect and look forward to the new caterers making some rapid improvements to the ambience and more importantly the queuing systems especially in D Block Dining. As soon as we have appointed we will be announcing the new catering operation to all parents - we expect this to be before Easter. 


Exemplar Education

Next week you will receive a letter from Exemplar Education – an online programme to complement student’s Maths & English schoolwork. The Trust does not actively endorse this service but we felt that you might like to know its available so you can make a decision about whether you would like further information. All you have to do, if you are interested, is return the reply slip by next Thursday 7th February and we will forward them back to Exemplar for you.


Transport to & from the College

Last term there were some issues raised with the school concerning bus services to and from the College. Whilst the bus services are contracted either directly with LCC for entitled students or directly with the bus operator for non-entitled students I said in my end of term letter that the Trust would be open to consolidating any feedback ahead of a planned meeting with the council and bus operators. It is important to say that we want to maintain the good working relationships we have with the council and the bus service operators as they are a vital lifeline for over 400 students to get to and from the school. In this way we hope to work positively to raise and address any parental concerns.Rather than asking a number of directed survey questions we have decided to take any feedback you have to a unique email address set up for the purpose - transportfeedback@lutterworthcollege.com This email account will be open until 28th February 2019 for you to express any concerns, recommendations or indeed share the positive experiences of the transport arrangements to and from the school. The Trust will consolidate the main points raised and discuss them with the council and bus service operators and report back to parents on any developments as a consequence.


Have a lovely weekend.

Nick Summers