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College News - Christmas 2018

Headteachers message - Leavers and Starters

As this is the last newsletter of the term I wanted to thank those staff leaving the Trust at the end of the term – Mrs Albans, Mr White,  Ms O’Connor, Mr Oladipo, Mrs Hargreaves and Mrs Veganwala from teaching staff – and Mrs Towe, Ms Bland and Mr Warmington from support staff. We thank these staff for all of their hard work with the Trust and we wish them the best in the future.  

Also important is to let you know as well who is joining the Trust in January. In the teaching staff cohort we have Mr Akthar joining us as Head of Science & Technology, Mrs Caballero in Modern Foreign Languages, Mr Vekaria in Maths and Mrs Wallace in Business. Also joining us are Miss Hebb who will be covering Mrs Hodges maternity leave and Miss Stanhope who is covering MRs Wadsworth's maternity leave. Charlie Webb has also joined the Trust this week as a front-line technician to supplement the IT support team.

I will be sending out an 'end of term letter' to all parents next week.

In the meantime, have a great weekend.

Nick Summers

Headteacher - Lutterworth College

School legacy display

A group of Duke of Edinburgh students are in the process of creating a Lutterworth College (Grammar) legacy display and they are looking for any old photographs of staff, students, events, the buildings etc. If you have any to donate or that can be borrowed for scanning and returned please could you let Mr at the College Bailey c.bailey@lutterworthcollege.com know!  


Medic Society Club

Starting from next week, there will be a new Medic Society Club for those who are interested in careers in medicine, veterinary medicine and dentistry. It is an opportunity to gain insight into these careers, prepare for what to expect, talk with others who are interested and learn from the professionals themselves when they come and visit to mentor us. It will run every week 2 Tuesday lunch in S1 from 1:30 - bring your lunch!


 Pre Public Examination changes

The timings for the school day during the PPE’S will be:

  • Period 1:  8.40-9.40am
  • Mentor:  9.40 – 10.00am
  • Period 2:   10.00 – 11.00am
  • Break:  11.00 – 11.20am
  • Period 3:  11.20-12.20pm
  • Lunch:  12.20 -1.00pm
  • Warning Bell:  1.00pm
  • Period 4: 1.05- 2.05pm
  • Warning Bell: 2.05pm
  • Period 5:  2.10 - 3.10pm

The new timings are now in place up to & including Wednesday 19 December

In order to try and keep noise/disruption to a minimum the following will be put in place for the PPE’s:

  • The corridor in the reception block where Dance & the small gym are located will be closed to students –can staff please assist with ensuring that students walk around the outside of the reception building.
  • Both gyms will be out of bounds to students. Students must not use the gyms as a short cut through the building
  • Students can only visit the PE office during break & lunch
  • When using the PE changing rooms students must be as quiet as possible and keep conversation to a minimum


Phone App warning for parents

Please take a look at the image below, this has been circulated by Surrey Police.Statistics show that approximately 40% of smartphone users of secondary school age are using Social Media for around 3-5 hours per day. Parents that understand what some of the applications are that are installed on these devices can really help tackle issues such as cyber-bullying. 



 Sapere Aude

 Follow this link for the latest edition of our College Magazine:





6th-20th December – Pre Public Examinations (Year 11 & Year 13)

 18th December – Year 13 (2017-18) Awards Evening (6.00-8.00pm)

20th December – Last Day of Term 

 21st December – Teacher Training Day

 22nd  December – 6th January 2019 – Christmas break



 7th January – First day of term / students return

4th February – Parental Engagement Evening 5/9 (3.30-6.30pm)

12th February – Year 8 Options Advice Evening (3.20-7.30pm)

15th February – Year 8 Options deadline

16th – 24th February – Half Term break

25th February - Year 8 Options Forms Deadline

Next week



 No Assemblies next week



“And so this is Christmas, And what have you done?”  John Lennon