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Non Negotiable

What is a Non-Negotiable?

  • A non-negotiable is a rule that we will never tolerate you breaking.
  • Our list of classroom non-negotiables represents the bare minimum we expect of you in your lessons.
  • Failure to meet these expectations will result in you having to attend a detention, which may take place at lunchtime or after school.

Why have Non-Negotiable rules?

  • We want all students at Lutterworth College to be able to learn, flourish and succeed.
  • We have a responsibility, as teachers, to create an environment where this can happen.
  • Poor behaviour and low standards get in the way of us providing you with the best possible opportunities to thrive.
  • As a result, we insist on our non-negotiables.

The classroom Non-Negotiable List:

  • You must arrive to lessons on time, in the correct uniform and with the appropriate equipment.
  • You must not eat, chew gum or drink anything but water in class.
  • Mobile phones/music players/earphones etc should be kept switched off and out of sight in the classroom unless your teacher gives you clear permission to use them.
  • You must respect the classroom and all materials provided to you.
  • You must follow the instructions given by your teachers quickly.
  • All work must be completed on time and to the best of your ability.

What happens if you break a Non-Negotiable?

Failure to adhere to the classroom non-negotiables will result in you being issued with a C1, C2 or C3.

  • C1: You will be given a warning.
  • C2: You will be issued a lunchtime detention.
  • C3: You will be removed from the lesson.

Failure to attend a lunchtime detention will result in you being set a longer after-school one. In the event that you are issued with two or more C2s over the course of a day, you’ll be set an after-school detention.

Equipment expectations are:

Reading book

Pen (black/blue)

Green pen






Scientific calculator