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College News 8th February 2019


In case of severe weather - school closure arrangements

With the onset of some bad weather there is always a possibility that staff will find it difficult/dangerous to get to school. If it were judged that the site was unsafe for both staff and students, then the school would be completely closed. 

In either case: 

  • A message will be placed on the school website & social media – these are the best places to check
  • A message will be relayed to Radio Leicester (which will also appear on the BBC website) 


Parental Engagement Evenings

After this Monday’s fifth Parental Engagement Evening of the year please note the dates for the remaining four evenings this academic year: Tuesday 5th March, Wednesday 3rd April, Thursday 16th May and the final one on Monday 17th June.


Friends of Lutterworth College (‘folc’)

Last year the FOLC group held two really great events – the summer Colour Run in the Summer and The Christmas Quiz and including some other activities they have raised in total over £ 5000 which we have spent on refurbishing the student seating area near the ATPs. We would like current and new members to come along to our next ‘FOLC’ meeting in the school library at 6pm on Wednesday 27th February 2019. The more parents involved the more money we can raise for all students to benefit from.


Next Progress Reviews

There will be updated progress data for all Year Groups before Easter. Please keep checking on the Go4Schools app or website.


Lanyards & ID cards

These are part of the school uniform and must be worn at all times by all year groups 7 through to 11.


‘Special Seven’ Term (Year 11 & Year 13)

For those students taking examinations in the summer the next 7-week half term is going to be critical. Course content will be completed and revision will start in earnest before Easter. Year 11students will be talked through creating a revision plan and effective revision techniques in assembly next week with Mr Shovlin.


Exam & Revision Timetables

Individual examination timetables have been handed out this week to all students in Year 11 & Year 13. There will also be a revision class timetable for both GCSE and A level distributed next week – please watch out for it! Formal public exams start on 3rd May 2019 so not long to go. The exam season lasts until 24th June 2019.


Have a good weekend.

Nick Summers 




Upcoming Events



9th February – Sixth Form interviews


12th February – Year 8 Options Advice Evening (4.30-7.30pm)


15th February – End of SFWSS listening period


16th February – Sixth Form interviews


16th – 24th February – Half Term break


25th February - Year 8 Options Forms Deadline


5th March – Parental Engagement Evening 6/9 (3.30-6.30pm)


18th March – Year 9 Booster immunisations


19th March – Year 11 ‘in school’ GCSE History Conference


3rd April – Parental Engagement Evening 7/9 (3.30-6.30pm)


4th April – Apprenticeship Fair (6-8pm)


13th-28th April – Easter Holidays



Next week’s Thought for The Week


‘If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone’ Romans 12:18